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Hello and welcome! My name is Elizabeth. I am a proud owner and videographer of The Best of Times Films. I am a wedding filmmaker (aka bruiloft videograaf), a photographer and a graphic designer. Filming weddings has been my passion for the past 4 years. I have had the honour of capturing the big day of over a 100 wonderful couples in The Netherlands and abroad. The Best of Times Films is based in The Hague. But I always enjoy venturing into new adventures and discovering new destinations.



I love creating engaging, timeless films. I like to think that they will still hold up in 10 or 20 years with their natural balanced colours and smooth editing style. Each couple and each story is unique. There is no one recipe to making a great film to fit all. That is why my films are individually tailored and story driven. I believe in a documentary style of filming. I don’t direct (unless of course asked to) and simply let you do what naturally comes to you. This is the only way to truly capture so many genuine emotions that come up on a day like this. A nervous laugh, a proud glance and of course the triumphant ‘Ja, ik wil!’.

My films are a healthy combination of technical know-how and creativity.


I am often asked about the types of cameras I use by the inquisitive techno geeks, such as myself. I try to film as discreetly as possible. That’s why I have invested in downsizing in the last couple of years. At the moment my camera of choice is Sony A7III. It is a small, yet powerful camera, that in combination with various lenses can produce beautiful imagery, even when the light circumstances leave much to be desired.

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Would you like to know what my couples have to say about me? Check: theperfectwedding.nl

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I offer hour based packages, all of which include a highlights film: a short  story driven film with audio dialogue and music accompaniment.

Can’t have enough of your wedding day? Book an extra documentary edit, to watch the complete ceremony, speeches and and first dance. All are filmed with multiple cameras at once and edited together into an engaging film of around 30 to 60 minutes long.

I value the honour of being a part of your wedding day and being trusted with capturing some of your most important memories!

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